The contemporary jewellery and photography exhibition Allotropic,​ showcasing the work of six​ international artists during the Munich Jewellery Week (MJW).

The title “Allotropic” is derived from modern Greek ἄλλος (allos), meaning 'other', and τρόπος (tropos), meaning 'manner, form' and describes the property of some chemical elements to exist in two or more different forms, in the same physical state. 


The five contemporary jewellery and photography exhibits shown at SHOWCASE_20A create conversations around migration, capitalism, genome technology and identity: Ammeli Engtröm’s paper-thin wearable objects titled „Not my hands“ are reminiscent of nets and baskets and contemplate cross-cultural identities, while Shane Hartdegen & Neil Pendergast’s collaboration A Sovereign Being draws our attention to questions of self-proclaimed authority. Lauren Tickle’s kaleidoscopic jewellery objects „Currency Converted“ are made from US dollar bills and illuminate an alternative to money's intended function in our society. And while Oliver Ressler’s renown large scale photograph „Stranded“ points to something that might happen in the future as the collapse of the capitalist system continues, Johanna Zellmer’s small scale objects “For Otto and Alfredo” pose the question if the personal data collected via our advancing genome technologies will eventually replace the need for passports in current socio-economic environments.


On Friday, 15th of March 2019, from 9.30 until 11am​, our Breakfast - Event offers a special ​occasion to visit the show. This event provides an opportunity to meet some of the artists from overseas.

Bäckerei Ziegler